Why Do You need an Employee Break Room? Here’s Three Reasons

The debate has long raged over whether or not a break room is necessary in an office space. Proponents of break rooms say that they are essential because they offer a safe and relaxing space for employees to reduce their stress levels and social bonds. A happy employee is a productive employee, they say, and this will pretty much boost your bottom line.
On the other hand, those who feel that break rooms are unnecessary feel that break rooms are just a hot bed for employee gossip and a place where cliques are formed, which can eventually affect employee morale and productivity.
If you’re a business owner, chances are that you have struggled with this decision yourself. Well, we’re here to tell you that break rooms ARE necessary for a happy, healthy, and harmonious working space. Here’s three reasons why:

1. A Break from Monotony
Employees in an office are often called “cogs in a wheel”, and there’s a reason why: they just keep turning and turning in the same space. Office life and work often becomes repetitive and boring, and for many employees, becoming bored in the office space is what causes a drop in productivity and interest in their work.
Giving your employees a break room gives them – literally- a break from all the monotonous work they can find in the office. A visit to the break room is a breath of fresh air, one that will breathe new life and energy into your employees.
2. Show your Employees Some Love
Another great reason why you should have a good break room in your office space is because it shows employees that you care more about them than your bottom line. An employee who feels valued above company profits will be more hardworking, loyal, and dedicated to that company.
Having a stocked break room shows your employee that you value their mental and emotional health, and that you’re willing to shell out to make sure that they are happy.
3. A Place to Relax (in all forms)
Some employees want to sit back and read a book during their downtime, while others want to grab a quick snack and a mug of good, strong coffee. Other still want to chat with their co-workers and see what’s going on their lives. Employees will have different ways to relax, and a good break room allows them to be able to do that.
Have a break room that’s stocked with three things: first, a kettle, because a hot drink like tea or coffee is the best way to perk up on a sluggish afternoon. Second, have a refrigerator, or barring that, a pantry with some tasty snacks. For the best enjoyment of your employees, make sure that you stock both healthy snacks and a few pieces of junk food as well. Third, invest in a comfortable, sturdy sofa lounge, so that your employees can truly relax while they are not at work. Even a few minutes in a comfortable lounge can make a world of difference to a truly tired and stressed employee!

While a break room might seem like a big investment for you at first, the benefits that you, your employees, and ultimately, your company, will enjoy over time will far outweigh the costs.

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